Day old meat chicks



These birds are Arbor Acres, a commercial broiler. They are quick-growing, averaging 2kg in 6 weeks.

They are not injected with any hormones and need to be in a breeze-free environment under heat for their first 3-4 weeks.


They are $3 each, with 10% discount for orders of over 100. There is no minimum number order.

Chicks can be collected by arrangement from Jeetho, in Gippsland near Korumburra, or transported to a freight depot in most areas of Victoria for an additional fee.


The next incubation is expected to commence some time in August for an August-September hatching, however this time frame is not set in stone until I know I have the numbers to bring eggs in. Pre-orders are advised, especially if you are not able to collect your chicks in person.

To order, or for more information, call Leonora on 0415 305 323 or email








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